Codenvy Account API Post Photos Upload

Plivo - Post Photos Upload

This is a new photo upload endpoint. It is currently in beta.nCreate a new photo on behalf of the user and upload a file.nfile parameter is passed in multipart/form-data, other parameters are passed as query parametrs or multipart/form-data.

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API Description




Voice & SMS API Platform: Plivo enables businesses and developers to tap into powerful Voice and SMS capabilities without carrier lock-in.


Curl command through

curl -v "{streamdata_token}&aperture={field_value}&camera={field_value}&category={field_value}&description={field_value}&file (required) - Photo filename in JPG/JPEG, passed along with multipart/form-data.={field_value}&focal_length={field_value}&iso={field_value}&latitude={field_value}&lens={field_value}&longitude={field_value}&name={field_value}&privacy={field_value}&shutter_speed={field_value}"

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